Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity ~ Voltaire

Friday, May 18, 2012

dinner @ himawari

i went to himawari for dinner tonight.  i haven't been there in ages since i moved to the city.  i ordered my old time favorite, kani cha-han.  the buta kakuni was delish and the maguro poke was not bad either.  after dinner, i got those little taiyaki from sweet breams for dessert.

2012.05.18 @ himawari (san mateo) - buta kakuni (deep-fried stewed side pork traditional special kakuni sauce)

202 2nd avenue
san mateo, ca 94401

2012.05.18 @ himawari (san mateo) - maguro poke (spicy tuna poke)

2012.05.18 @ himawari (san mateo) - bean sprouts and corn soup

2012.05.18 @ himawari (san mateo) - kani cha-han (snow crab fried rice)

2012.05.18 @ sweet breams (san mateo) - tiny taiyaki

Sunday, May 13, 2012

mother's day brunch @ twenty five lusk

happy mother's day to all the mommies out there!

today, i took my mommy and grandma to twenty five lusk for mother's day prix fixe menu brunch.  i gotta say, their overall food quality is very consistent.  and, a lot of options on the menu as well.  we started off with some strawberry soup and assorted pastries.  then, our small plates, house made doughnuts (absolutely yummy), oysters (atop with caviar and crawfish, seriously!) and tuna sashimi (very fresh).  our main plates consisted of lobster benedict (the lobster is so tender), fried green tomato blt (two thumbs up) and chicken fried quail (so good from last time that i ordered again!).  the sweets at the end were unique and delicious as well.  even my grandma who don't usually eat western food approved all dishes!

2012.05.13 @ twenty five lusk (sf)

twenty five lusk
25 lusk street
san francisco, ca 94107

2012.05.13 @ twenty five lusk (sf) - strawberry soup

2012.05.13 @ twenty five lusk (sf) - assorted pastries

2012.05.13 @ twenty five lusk (sf) - coffee and doughnuts (house made brioche doughnuts, chocolate sauce, coffee, half pint of ale)

2012.05.13 @ twenty five lusk (sf) - coffee and doughnuts (house made brioche doughnuts, chocolate sauce, coffee, half pint of ale)

2012.05.13 @ twenty five lusk (sf) - hood canal oysters (six, caviar, crawfish, lime mignonette)

2012.05.13 @ twenty five lusk (sf) - hood canal oyster (caviar, crawfish, lime mignonette)

2012.05.13 @ twenty five lusk (sf) - hawaiian big eye tuna (kiwi, chive blossom, fig leaf oil, smoked ginger puree)

2012.05.13 @ twenty five lusk (sf) - lobster benedict (poached eggs, crispy prosciutto, sauce hollandaise, maine lobster, english muffin)

2012.05.13 @ twenty five lusk (sf) - fried green tomato blt (fried egg, little gem lettuces, bacon, togarashi remoulade)

2012.05.13 @ twenty five lusk (sf) - chicken fried quail (wild mushroom pancakes, watercress, kumquat reduction)

2012.05.13 @ twenty five lusk (sf) - lime posset (kiwi, mint, champagne granite)

2012.05.13 @ twenty five lusk (sf) - strawberry rum baba (strawberry, thai basil, basil sorbet)

2012.05.13 @ twenty five lusk (sf) - mint chocolate chip ice cream and grapefruit sorbet

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

dinner @ thanh long

tonight, i drove all the way across town to have a crab fest with four other sf foodies.  i've been to the sister restaurant of thanh long, crustacean, but not thanh long.  the appetizers were tasty.  but, the crab was really salty even for me!  i usually like my food extremely salty.  the meat was not very tender as well.  hmm...  maybe it's not crab season now?!

2012.05.08 @ thanh long (sf)

thanh long
4101 judah street
san francisco, ca 94122

2012.05.08 @ thanh long (sf) - table setting

2012.05.08 @ thanh long (sf) - menu

2012.05.08 @ thanh long (sf) - thanh long mussels (new zealand green-lip mussels broiled with asian pesto, served with seasoned crostini)

2012.05.08 @ thanh long (sf) - salt & pepper calamari (in a light salt & pepper batter, seasoned with scallions & red peppers)

2012.05.08 @ thanh long (sf) - roast crab (a whole dungeness crab roasted with an's garlic sauce & secret spices)

2012.05.08 @ thanh long (sf) - it's crab party time!

2012.05.08 @ thanh long (sf) - garlic noodles (an's famous noodles made with special garlic sauce & secret spices)

Monday, May 7, 2012

dinner @ rocketfish

i had dinner at rocketfish tonight.  their sashimi quality has always been good and tonight was no exception.  the sliders were a meh because of the buns.  the spicy tuna poke is one of my must have item whenever i dine there.  omg, i think i am in love with their mochi tofu churros!  <3

2012.05.07 @ rocketfish (sf)

1469 18th street
san francisco, ca 94107

2012.05.07 @ rocketfish (sf) - oysters

2012.05.07 @ rocketfish (sf) - spicy tuna poke (on a bed of crispy rice with shao xing peppers, korean teriyaki, aioli)

2012.05.07 @ rocketfish (sf) - triple mushroom tofu steak (shimeji, enoki & shiitake mushrooms, chinese sansho pepper, bonito furikake)

2012.05.07 @ rocketfish (sf) - filet mignon sliders (american kobe beef, butter lettuce, avocado, tomato, coriander honey tartare, sweet soy glaze)

2012.05.07 @ rocketfish (sf) - 3 x 5 sashimi sampler (ahi tuna, salmon, yellowtail, walu and whitefish)

2012.05.07 @ rocketfish (sf) - white wave walu

2012.05.07 @ rocketfish (sf) - mochi tofu churros (fudge dipping sauce and vanilla bean ice cream)

Friday, May 4, 2012

dinner @ prospect

happy hour then dinner with seven fellow sf foodies at prospect on this friday night.  the food were good but nothing really wow me.  drinks were flowing and conversations got...  umm...  interesting...  a few of us popped by bubble lounge after dinner for some bubbly and a whole lot of strawberries!

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf)

300 spear street
san francisco, ca 94105

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - wine storage

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - smoked idaho trout mousse (pickled radish, crostini)

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - saffron arancini (roasted red bell peppers, castelvetrano olives, spicy orange aioli)

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - duck liver, foie gras & bacon pate (spiced red pepper jelly, warm crostini)

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - crab cakes

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - menu

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - bread and butter

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - pinot noir (hanzell sonoma 2009)  i <3 hanzell

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - pinot noir (robert sinskey napa 2009)

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - green goddess salad (mixed baby lettuce, little gem, haas avocado, cucumber, caper vinaigrette)

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - ahi tuna tartare (pickled radish, shiso, ginger, beech mushrooms, sea beans, avocado puree, rice crackers)

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - foie gras torchon (citrus marmalade, firelit coffee gelée, dulce de leche, cacao nib, toasted brioche)

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - crispy soft shell crab (venere black risotto, roasted tomato sofrito, sundried tomato aioli)

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - seared monterey calamari, gulf white prawns & savory clams (romesco, deep fried butter beans, sherry shallot vinaigrette, peppercress)

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - crispy pork trotters & shaved mediterranean octopus terrine (green garlic aioli, pickled green garlic, shishito pepper & arugula)

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - potato gnocchi & mccormack ranch goat (smoked mushroom puree, favas and baby favas, house made pancetta, pecorino)

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - glazed strauss veal sweetbreads & warm pastrami beef tongue (apples, rye croutons, cornichon, "apple sauce", dijon veal jus)

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - local dungeness crab (fresh green garbanzo soup, vadouvan spiced yogurt, mint, ground cashew)

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - local wild king salmon (imperial valley corn squash, anson mills grits with zucchini pesto, house made tasso, crispy squash blossom)

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - seared day boat sea scallops (fondant french fingerlings, grilled spring onion, broccoli rabe, charred onion potato puree, crème fraîche, mache, bacon-ramp vinaigrette)

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - northern halibut (zuckerman farms asparagus, english peas, herb spaetzle, shaved purple asparagus salad, lemon vinaigrette, garlic flowers)

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - liberty duck (smoked oats, baby leeks, lacinato kale, rhubarb-ginger fennel relish, caramelized rhubarb glaze, oat streusel, foie gras sauce)

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - prather ranch berkshire pork (yukon gold mashed potatoes, baby savoy cabbage with caraway cream, pretzel & beer battered onion rings, sydney's greens, pork jus)

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - storm hill beef new york steak (baby artichokes, braised sunchokes, sauteed bloomsdale spinach, ramp vinaigrette, crispy sunchoke chips, horseradish aioli & beef jus)

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - strawberry cream biscuit (house made strawberry conserves, greek yogurt mousse, strawberry sorbet, fennel froth)

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - banana parfait (vanilla pudding, roasted banana, caramel, graham cacao nib crumb, milan wafer cookies)

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - ice cream sandwiches (chocolate magic shell, oatmeal cookie, vanilla ice cream)

2012.05.04 @ prospect (sf) - our bill

2012.05.04 @ bubble lounge (sf) - a whole lot of strawberries!